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Post  Crazy Barks on Fri Aug 13, 2010 1:44 am

The alliance lotto is held every Sunday and bets will start on Monday and go throughout the week. No new numbers will be taken on Sunday.

1. No second accounts (Perma Banned from Lotto, possible kick)

2. Only 3 bets per person

3. 1k Per Bet

4. All bets are Final

5. Only 3 bets per Number (only exception to Rule 4)

6. If more than one person is on the winning number the pot will be split even.

7. Numbers can be put on hold but not untill they have paid. (please pay ASAP)

8. The prize will be held for the winner if they are not present, or some one my be designated to hold it for them.

9. If there is no winner on the rolled number it will go to the closest number without going over.

If you would like to join the [SMF] Weekly Lotto whisper Shadow Tamatha in game!

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