Guild Wars 2 Beta Info, Links and Videos

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Guild Wars 2 Beta Info, Links and Videos

Post  TheOnlyEcho on Wed Feb 22, 2012 2:57 pm

Guild Wars 2 Beta Info, Links and Videos

Curse Network: Beta Full Coverage Videos

Guild Mag Press Aggregation

Guild Wars 2 Blog

Guild System

Guild Upgrades

Guild System

Guilds and Merchants

General Information

Guild Wars 2 Tidbits You May Not Have Given Thought To

All That Is Gamescon

Guild Wars 2 Gamescon:Flickr

A New MMO Experience

Story and Art Interview


Confirmed Professions:
Elementalist: Here
Warrior: Here
Ranger: Here
Necromancer: Here
Guardian: Here
Thief: Here
Engineer: Here
Mesmer: Here

Charr Videos:Here

Human Videos:
Walkthrough 1: Here
Walkthrough 2: Here
Walkthrough 3: Here
Walkthrough 4: Here
Walkthrough 5: Here
Walkthrough 6: Here

Necromancer Preview:
Click Here

Leaked Skill Icons:


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